Building Trades & Engineering

Industry-specific experience. Speedy cost-efficient solutions.

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Sullivan Ward offers comprehensive legal assistance to the construction industry, provided by attorneys whose previous backgrounds in engineering, construction, and real estate development augment their legal knowledge and skill. We understand the pressures of cost control, scheduling, financing, worker management and regulatory compliance, and are equipped to resolve your issues quickly and cost-efficiently.

Our attorneys represent a wide range of individuals and companies involved in the construction and design industry, including architectural, engineering and consulting firms and their insurers, contractors and subcontractors, construction managers and owners, real estate builders and developers, construction trade associations and lending institutions. A particular strength of the practice is our Team dedicated to the legal concerns of architectural firms, professional engineers, builders, developers and construction companies.

In addition to both prosecuting and defending claims on behalf of the engineering and building trades professionals in court or in an arbitration setting, we handle all matters related to your daily business transactions. On the litigation end, we have experience defending against professional negligence claims, environmental disputes, FHA/ADA compliance, project delay and contract disputes, lien claims, OSHA, other code compliance claims, FAR and other Federal Contract matters.  On the transaction side, we assist with contract drafting, contract negotiation, the mitigation and resolution of developing claims, and risk prevention measures in document management and retention.  

Our attorneys are seasoned and certified arbitrators and mediators, with the skill and experience to resolve disputes without costly litigation. Should the need arise however, we are prepared to defend our client’s interests vigorously.

Our services include: