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Automobile, Trucking, PIP Liability, Slip & Fall, Etc

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Sullivan Ward attorneys have handled thousands of cases in these areas, including personal injury third party cases, uninsured motorist matters, underinsured motorist matters and personal injury protection (PIP) litigation.

Michigan instituted the No-Fault Automobile Insurance Law in 1972.  The No-Fault Law was conceived as a means of restricting personal injury litigation to only the most serious of cases.  While it has restricted litigation to some degree in personal injury matters, it has created litigation between the insurance company and it’s insured with regard to claims for no-fault PIP benefits. 

Since the passage of the No-Fault Law, we have defended personal injury cases and no-fault benefit litigation recognizing that our clients must be mindful of their exposure and are always concerned about reducing the costs of litigation.  Our effort is to tailor our approach in the handling of these cases to the management philosophy of the individual client. 

We are also involved in assisting our insurance company agents in recovering money paid out on uninsured motorist claims assigned to them by the Michigan Assigned Claims Facility.  We have developed a cost effective approach to this area and have been successful in recovering millions of dollars for our clients.